When travelling to Morelia, Mexico you will need to find a hotel. Of course, you don’t want to stay in just any hotel, you want THE BEST hotel. Because Morelia attracts a vast number of tourists every year, there are many hotels to choose from. How do you know which is the best and which is the worst? You can spend hours sitting at your desk in front of your computer reading reviews, or you can simply keep reading. Below I have listed three of the best hotels for you to create lasting vacation memories.

Gamma by Fiesta Inn Morelia Belo

Gamma by Fiesta Inn Morelia Belo is an affordable hotel that has much to offer. For great value and ultimate comfort in the perfect location, this is the hotel for you.
What makes the Gamma by Fiesta Inn Morelia Belo an excellent choice for any trip to Morelia, no matter how long or short?
Outstanding Service

At this fine hotel, you will receive the friendliest, warmest, most welcoming service from each and every staff member that you encounter. They will go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met and that you enjoy your stay in Morelia.
Many Amenities


While on vacation, there are many amenities that we have grown accustomed to and expect when we are on vacation. While some hotels may lack in this area, the Gamma by Fiesta Inn Morelia Belo meets and exceeds these expectations. This is especially evident in your hotel room. Never before will you have ever gotten such a wonderful night’s sleep. A tear will fall from your eye when you realize you will have to leave the comfort of your hotel bed and high quality down comforter to go back home to reality. From cocktails to delicious cuisine, laundry service to an in-house gym area, this remarkably comfortable hotel has it all.

Hotel de la Soledad

If you dream of spending your Morelia vacation in luxury, the Hotel de la Soledad is the hotel for you.
Why should you stay in this luxurious five-star hotel?
The Ambiance
When you stay at the Hotel de la Soledad in Morelia, you are enveloped in luxury. From the majestic courtyard to the glamorous guest rooms, the arched doors to the stone accents, the luxuriously soft beds to the lightweight down comforters, this luxurious hotel creates an ambiance filled with elegance and colonial charm.
Many Amenities
The amenities offered at Hotel de la Soledad go above and beyond those of a basic hotel room. Here, you can step out onto a terrace overlooking the majestic courtyard, get a tranquil and relaxing massage, travel only 2 miles away to enjoy a round of golf, eat breakfast in bed and dinner in the hotel restaurant, and enjoy privacy with soundproof rooms.

Cantera Diez Hotel Boutique

Elegance. Class. Luxury. Those are only a few of the words that come to mind when you step into the breath-taking lobby of the Cantera Diez Hotel Boutique.

Why should you choose to stay at the Cantera Diez Hotel Boutique in Morelia?

Many Amenities

The list of amenities this amazingly beautiful hotel offers goes on and on. A few amenities offered include a multilingual staff that helps to break the language barrier, free bottled water and newspaper for guests, babysitting services, free Wi-Fi, and a gourmet restaurant. Sleep in comfort whether you choose a king size, queen size or double size bed. You will never want to leave this hotel after sleeping in the cushiony softness these beds have to offer. The luxury comforters and bedding add a sense of elegance and charm to your room or suite.

Family Friendly
Yes, you read that correctly. This luxurious resort can be enjoyed by every member of your family. Not only does that include your children, it includes your pets. Pets and children up to the age of ten years old are welcome and can stay for FREE!